5165 Old Mill Road. (S.R.1638)
Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108
"The Art of A Good Time"

Class Schedule
Saturday, October 27, 2018

2 pm - 4 pm
Beginning Traditional Rug Hooking  - Heart Mug Rug

Students will be introduced to traditional rug hooking by learning the basic technique of “pulling loops”. Each student will create a 6” x 6” mug rug (coaster) with a heart motif and fringed edge.  Students will be provided with some basic tools at no charge such as a hooking frame or hoop, hand-held hook, and scissors.
Class Fee $30
Material Fee:  $35
Includes pattern on rug warp, wool strips in a variety of colors, and basic hook.
Material fees will be paid to the instructor the day of class.
Mug Rug Designed by
Artist Patty Van Ardsdale.

Carole Logsdon

Instructor Biography

​I find it to be an honor to be an artist and craftsman in Kentucky, a state with a long history of embracing its artisans. I laid down my paint brushes nine years ago to start the process of painting with wool. All the designs are my own, drawn on linen and hooked by hand. I am addicted to color and working with my hands. I find my wildlife and abstract images are well suited for the unpredictable use of recycled and hand dyed wool.
Truly a mind bending experience the practice of traditional hooking lets my mind escape to places unknown and free for the creative spirit inside me. I more often hand cut the strips, as the uneven strips add to the primitive style best suited for me. Holding the frames cradled in my lap, it’s more of an embrace of the linen and the wools. The comforts many fiber artists can identify.
I rarely dye the wools. I find the process interferes with my creative flow. As I want to see the finished colors ready and jumping into my hands to create a rug or wall hanging. To see how colors grab, fuse, or fight is sheer joy for my eyes.
You will often find a blue hand with a spiral in the palm, hooked into my projects. That is my signature; one I discovered many years ago in Texas as a painter. There are approximately 10 hours of work in a square foot. Small strips of cut wool fabric are pulled from the back of the linen to the front in tiny loops with a hook that resembles a crochet hook.
I live and hook in central Kentucky with my husband Charlie, two cats, Betty and Lucille and my dog Lilly.